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Historic Social Salon from PS China

The China Cabin has experienced a long and colorful life. In 1866, the Pacific Mail Steamship Company commissioned the construction of the PS China, a sidewheel steamer, for a route between San Francisco and the Far East. Unfortunately, with a wooden hull, the ship was destined for a short career and was considered obsolete by 1886. Before it was burned for scrap metal, the first-class social saloon was removed intact from the ship, barged to Belvedere Cove and set on pilings.

Transformed into a weekend home, it became known as the China Cabin. And, in 1978, it was designated as a national maritime treasure and restored to its former splendor as a Victorian drawing room.

The Cabin consists of a large room and two small staterooms. Its plain exterior belies the ornate and regal appointments inside. This place is impressive. The walls and arched ceiling are panels of elaborately decorated wood that have been painted a crisp white and highlighted with gold leaf. Along the sides of the Cabin are a series of small, delicately etched glass windows; handsome crystal chandeliers hang at each end of the room. The Cabin also has decks on three sides that have wonderful views of the San Francisco skyline and of the colorful boats berthed at the nearby yacht harbor. The China Cabin offers a glimpse of old-world elegance and attention to detail; the result is a rich, sophisticated appearance that makes this a unique setting for a special wedding, rehearsal dinner, meeting and private or corporate party.

  • Venue Rental Fee (Saturday Peak Season): $1,500 for 6 hours
  • Rental Fee Includes: Facility rental for up to 6 hours, Venue Management
  • Catering: Choose From List
  • Capacity: Up to 40

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