Introducing: It’s All About The Venue!

What is it?
It’s All About The Venue is an easy-to-use, comprehensive directory of Bay Area wedding venues with a variety of price ranges and types.

We understand the enormous amount of time couples squander contacting venues only to find out certain properties fall outside their budget. Meanwhile, venues waste precious time replying to inquiries that lead nowhere. Something needed to be done! We felt a crucial need for a place to browse wedding venues—searchable by region, price and type—making connections while saving time. Ultimately our goal is to ensure you receive qualified leads.

How is it different than other Wedding Directories?

1. As the name implies, It’s All About the Venue is dedicated to venues only! You will not find the enormous clutter of other superfluous wedding services. The site is thoughtfully designed by graphic artists with stunning photography and minimal distraction. You may have noticed that we do not sell banner ads.

2. Most importantly our narrow search filters allow couples to connect with venues that fall within their budget and taste. With such sophisticated search optimization you will receive qualified leads saving a significant amount of time for both parties.

3. Each venue is categorized by the cost to book 100 guests on a Saturday during peak season. This is our standard measurement regarding pricing. If the venue’s capacity is less than 100 then we use the maximum guest count for pricing. Your listing can be updated anytime by filling out the Modify Listing form at this link:

How does it work?
As users browse our site and choose to contact venues you will begin to receive emails generated from our website containing the user’s name, phone number, email address, preferred wedding date and additional notes if applicable.

How much?
Listings are currently free until we begin generating a substantial amount of traffic, significant search rankings and converted leads.

To learn more please click here.

We look forward to bringing you qualified leads with our brand new website!

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